The Ground Is My Safe Space T-Shirt!

the-ground-is-my-safe-space-jiu-jitsu-t-shirtWe have a new t-shirt out and it’s titled Jiu Jitsu, The Ground Is My Safe Space.

We came up with this slogan a few months ago because we were so fed up with all these wimpy college students who apparently are so emotionally unstable they need a safe space for ridiculous reasons, like Halloween!

Why on earth did someone come up with a safe space in the first place? The only reason reason anyone would ever need a safe space would be for serous problems like domestic abuse or related violent issues.

I digress. Since you train Jiu Jitsu, you know that we dominate the ground and feel ‘safe’ there. And this is where most fights end up. But anyone else who does not train Jiu Jitsu or grappling of any sort has no idea what to do down there. And that is why the ground is my safe safe space.

If you are tired of these coddled college socialist wimps who are ‘triggered’ when discussing facts about religion, politics, racial division, and the plethora of other issues that they can’t defend without losing their minds, then this t-shirt is for you my Jiu Jitsu brother or sister.

This is the home of the original ‘The Ground Is My Safe Space’ Jiu Jitsu T-shirt.

We created this slogan, and we would love for you to wear our t-shirt and post a picture of it on Facebook or send it to us so we can post it here.

Now lets get back to training so we can stay sharp when things get a little dicey out there, and they certainly are getting nuts out there.

You can get your The Ground Is My Safe Space T-Shirt right here. Thanks for reading and post a comment about why you are tired of this safe space bs, or what you have experienced on a college campus with this safe space issue.

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