Lessons Learned from the Prodigies

The path to black belt in Brazilian jiu jitsu is said to take 10 years by many high profile figures in BJJ. This is a generalization, there have been some professionals who receive their black belts in less than 5 years, and countless others who wait 15 years or longer to reach that level.

BJ Penn Photo Courtesy of wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:BJPenn2.png

BJ Penn, given the nickname “The Prodigy,” was awarded his black belt in less than four years.

Penn is one exception to the rule, but his incredible physical gifts played a big part in his speedy progression.

The Hawaiian possessed extremely flexible legs and hips that 99.9% of the population would not be able to achieve.

He was known for using his legs with such great dexterity that it was as if he had an extra pair of arms.

There are others, such as Kit Dale, Lloyd Irvin, and Mike Fowler, that were able to reach black belt quickly. What separates those select few from the rest of the field? Continue reading

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When To Roll Hard and When To Keep It Light!

There are many different opinions in the martial arts world about how to properly train in Brazilian jiu jitsu.

Some instructors believe that it is important to train hard and competitively with your training partners, others believe that the best way to improve is by staying relaxed and technical during training.

Both of these training styles are important to implement. The best approach is likely a combination of the two.

Can you really improve by rolling light?

The term “rolling light” is the subject of many memes and jokes online. The reason for this is that probably about 70% of grapplers do not understand what it means to roll light. A light roll should flow between transitions and openings. Continue reading

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Training BJJ in the Boondocks

It can be difficult to improve your Brazilian jiu jitsu if you live very far from your gym or are unable to find one in the area. Fortunately, due to the power of the internet, it is possible to find all of the resources that you need to train effectively.

The first thing to decide is if you would like to train solo or to find some partners to train with you. In either case, there are plenty of ways to practice and improve your game.

Where to Train?

Having a space to train is obviously essential, whether at home or at a local gym that has some sort of mat space. There may be some judo, taekwondo, or other types of martial arts classes at local gyms.

These mats may be available when there are no classes in session. Buying a mat for training at home can be expensive, but it is a great investment if you plan on training frequently at home.

There are stories of people going to local high schools and buying used wrestling mats for dirt cheap. You can also buy quality mats online from martial arts suppliers.

Maybe you are frugal or just comfortable with training on a carpet or a tarp, as some grapplers do. Now that you have decided where you will train, the next step is finding some drills and techniques that you can practice.

Solo Training.

A simple way to improve your game is to practice the basic movements in jiu jitsu. The solo warm up drills can be used to perfect your technique for live rolling. Continue reading

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Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Etiquette!

There are a few unwritten rules for training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu that every beginner should be aware of. All of these rules are not universal across every academy, each may have their own ideas for what to do and not to do.

When you enter a gym for the first time, it is important to be respectful by avoiding actions that may be considered taboo by the instructor or the students.

Training Safely.

Safety is of the utmost importance for beginners in BJJ. There are a few moves that are frowned upon for beginners for safety reasons. The general consensus is that most of the techniques that are illegal in competition for your level are unsafe to be used in practice.

Frowned Upon Techniques.

Continue reading

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The Benefits Of Jiu Jitsu!

The benefits of Jiu Jitsu as a martial arts discipline are many, and some might surprise you.

By dedicating a part of yourself to the study of this ancient art you will find that other aspects of your daily events improve and a dramatic change overcomes your life. Here are some of the ways that the study of jiu-jitsu can change your life for the better.

Continue reading

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The 6 Best Jiu-Jitsu T-Shirts

Are you a student of the ancient discipline of Jiu-Jitsu? Do you wish you could save anyone from having to ask that question and just let them read your shirt? Then we’ve got the perfect list for you. We’ve compiled six of the best Jiu-Jitsu-themed shirts available on the internet, ranging from the hilarious to the artistic. Enjoy!

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How to Train Over 40

Brazilian jiu jitsu is a great martial art for a person of any age, size, or athletic ability. What you will find at the core of BJJ is that it can be one of the safest forms of martial arts and self-defense. Grandmaster Helio Gracie was very small and frail, yet he developed a system for defeating men that were twice his size.

Past injuries and a sedentary lifestyle can make training of any physical capacity difficult for a person over the age of 40. Some people are still very healthy and nimble at the age of 40, but for those who aren’t, some changes will be needed. To begin or continue training jiu jitsu in this condition, a positive attitude and a new set of your rituals may be needed.

The differences between a 20 year old and a 45 year old man can be quite vast. Among other things, a younger man will often have a faster rate of recovery, better flexibility, and less nagging injuries that they have had to deal with. There have been plenty of beginners in bjj that are over 40, these people do not let themselves feel limited in their ability because of their age. Attitude is important, many people make excuses and say I can’t do this or that. As Henry Ford once said: “Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t, you are right.” Continue reading

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The Ground Is My Safe Space T-Shirt!

the-ground-is-my-safe-space-jiu-jitsu-t-shirtWe have a new t-shirt out and it’s titled Jiu Jitsu, The Ground Is My Safe Space.

We came up with this slogan a few months ago because we were so fed up with all these wimpy college students who apparently are so emotionally unstable they need a safe space for ridiculous reasons, like Halloween!

Why on earth did someone come up with a safe space in the first place? The only reason reason anyone would ever need a safe space would be for serous problems like domestic abuse or related violent issues. Continue reading

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Sweeping Opponent From Guard!

When playing guard, you are either looking to work towards a dominant position or to submit your opponent. There are many different factors that will affect your success sweeping opponent from guard, including size difference, experience, and style of jiu jitsu.

Some schools teach MMA or catch-wrestling style of grappling as compared to traditional Brazilian jiu jitsu, and there are many different styles of each individual grappling discipline.

It is important to try and grapple with as many different training partners as possible so you can experience how certain techniques and strategies work for you against each individual style. Continue reading

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Fuji BJJ Uniform

If you want to be a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu fighter for official fights and competitions then you will need a very comfortable Gi (uniform) to wear that is just the right size for you and very durable for long-time use. The Fuji BJJ Uniform is a great Gi made from high quality material.

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